British LGBT+ TV stars who have revealed their transgender identity !

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    British LGBT+ TV stars who have revealed their transgender identity !

    Transgenders in the UK found it difficult to reveal their identity because of what society will say. Over the years, British stars who are transsexuals have found the courage to reveal their true sex. Despite the backlash they face after such statements, they have paved the way for many people to come forward.

    The Metamorphosis of transgender personalities on British television, such as Rebecca Root and Jake Graf

    It hasn’t been easy for popular British stars such as Rebecca Root, Jake Graf, Christine Burns, Bobbi Pickard, and Aaron Philip to reveal their transsexual identities. With the negative media attention given to trans people, these people have found the courage to come out. Because of these revelations by these popular British TV stars, many more transgender celebrities have found the strength to come out clean about their sexual orientations.

    For Jake Graf who was viewed as a woman for 30 years, it wasn’t an easy decision. He is one of the top stars in Hollywood who is transgender. He said he wasn’t happy about hiding his identity and once he completed his medical transition, he became comfortable.

    Also, transgender actress Rebecca Root reveals how at first, her sexuality coming to the limelight affected her negatively. Rebbeca transited from being a male to a female when she was in her 30s. Ever since then, she has gotten more spotlight which has helped her career.

    The Challenges Transgender celebrities face in their careers

    Transgender celebrities such as Kenny Ethan Jones, Lorena Borjas, and Freddy McConnell amongst others have found it difficult when people get to know their true sex.

    The first challenge they face is a lack of support from their colleagues. Even people who are supposed to know them better refuse to give them roles once they discover they are transsexuals.

    Furthermore, they have come under heavy oppression from different religions. With the powerful place religion has in the society, this has made them very uncomfortable even in the public. The religious leaders have called them all sorts of names and maligned them which has dampened their confidence.

    Also, celebrities and transgender people have faced a backlash from their fans. Many have turned their backs on them when they learn their favorite stars are a different sex.

    How can celebrities and Transgender people contribute to a more inclusive society ?

    Celebrities and transgender people can make an impact on an inclusive society by engaging in more charity work. This social cause that they engage in will allow more people to respect them in society.

    Also, social media is a huge tool that transgender celebrities can use to spread the word. Since they have huge followers online, they can use this medium to promote a more inclusive society.

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