The royal family and their support for the British transgender community !

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    The royal family and their support for the British transgender community !

    The transgender community in England has grown to be one of the most important societies around, however, they didn’t get to where they are alone. The Royal Family has also lent their voice to the cause of the British transgender community which has given them more prominence.

    The Royal Family’s vision for the inclusion and acceptance of transgender people

    While the late Queen was tacit in her support for LGBTQ, her Grandson Prince Harry and Prince Williams aren’t. Prince William in a media chat with The Guardian in 2019 said he is worried about the harmful words and discrimination the transgender Community in England faces.

    Prince Harry and his Wife Meghan Markle 2020 called for a more inclusive future for the LGBTQ community during pride month in 2020. It is their wish that the LGBTQ community will be shown more respect and love.

    The commitment made by members of the Royal Family

    Although there was no outright support from Queen Elizabeth 11, in 2017, she vowed in a nationwide speech that her government will tackle any form of discrimination based on race, disability, and sexual orientation. She vowed to always support everyone that promotes peace in the country.

    Prince William invited the LGBTQ community to Kensington Palace to know more about their needs. He aimed to know where there are gaps and how the Royal family can help stop transphobic, bi-phobic, and homophobic bullying. He also identified with them when he appeared in a popular LGBTQ magazine, Attitude.

    What Organizations and initiatives are in place to support this community?

    Diversity Role Models is one of the UK’s top initiatives to stop the bullying of gays. They focus more on bullying LGBTQ members in UK schools and educating the young ones about transgender.

    Also, London Gaymers is the UK’s top LGBTQ organization which was established in 2012. They are a social group that wants Rothko LGBT members to find friends and be confident.

    Manchester Pride is also another top charity organization that helps promote equality among citizens. It creates opportunities for lesbians, bisexuals, and queers who find it difficult to get jobs because of their sexuality.

    All Out is another global organization that helps fight for the acceptance of global recognition of LGBTQ members. They have constantly stood for the rights of all transgender in the world.

    How Can Members of the Royal Family contribute to a more inclusive society?

    The Royal family need to be more vocal about their support of the LGBTQ community. They can do this via various social media channels, and press releases and use the media more. They need to identify with the LGBTQ community more.

    Moreover, they can start charity organizations to support the cause of gay rights. Funding is important and if the Royal family is interested, they can launch an organization and give them the necessary backing.

    The Royal Family should also make sure that all cases of bullying or discrimination against anyone based on their sex should be reported.

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