How can you avoid common mistakes when having sex with transgender women ?

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    How can you avoid common mistakes when having sex with transgender women ?

    Sex can be a fulfilling and satisfying experience for a transgender. Just like straight people, transgender also enjoys being intimate with people who find them attractive. However, when having sex with a transgender, there are common mistakes that people make, which should be avoided.

    These mistakes are born out of ignorance and might affect what goes on in the bedroom. Your priority as someone who wants to have sex with a transgender is to avoid making simple bedroom mistakes.

    Remember to use the correct and respectful gender to refer to the partner

    One major mistake people make with a transgender is to make a wrong call about their gender during sex. It is very important to always call a transgender with the appropriate gender.

    This can be a major turn-off for transgender people when they are called “he” instead of “she”. If you aren’t sure of what to call them, then don’t call your partner anything or better still, just use their names.

    Deconstruct negative stereotypes about transgender women’s bodies and sexuality

    If you want to have a satisfying sexual encounter with a transgender, you need to free your mind from all stereotypes. A transgender person doesn’t appreciate negative comments about their bodies or sexuality and it could get them worked up.

    You should avoid making hurtful jokes even if it’s innocent comments about their bodies. Take them as they are and appreciate their body irrespective of any modifications. There are many myths about transgenders by people who don’t really know about them and who haven’t met them. Be open when having sex with them, the results will be pleasant.

    Understand that even if a person is transgender, it doesn’t determine their sexual preference

    Another important thing you need to have in mind when having sex with a transgender is that being a trans doesn’t automatically affect their sexuality. Everyone is free to prefer sex with anyone they fancy. Being trans women doesn’t mean they can’t have sex with other women and vice versa.

    No rule forbids transgender from sticking to a particular sex. The world has evolved, therefore transgenders, like everyone else, can choose anyone for sexual satisfaction. It will be a mistake to assume a transgender’s sexual orientation based on their body.

    Learn about hormonal and surgical transition and its effects on the body

    When having sex with a transgender, it’s necessary to know about their hormone reactions. Due to the different modifications and surgical transitions on their body, they might not have the same hormonal reaction we are used to. The best way to go about this is to talk to them about their feelings.

    Transgenders will likely open up to you once they know you are genuine. Moreover, you could read up on hormonal reactions in transgenders and other LGBTQ members. There are resources online that can help you learn more on these issues.

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